South America

Argentine Boa
Boa constrictor occidentalis

• Argentine boas are a subspecies of the common boa (Boa constrictor)
• found in Argentina and Paraguay
• can reach up to 10ft. in length
• they lie in wait for prey and eat a variety of mammals, birds and lizards; they may also hunt at night


Guyana Red Tail Boa
Boa constrictor constrictor



Chilean Rose Tarantula
Grammostola rosea

• found in desert and scrub regions of northern Chile, Bolivia and Argentina
• feed on insects
• they obtain their water from food and occasional fog


Red Foot Tortoise
Chelonoidis carbonaria

• found in Central and South America
• introduced to various islands in the Caribbean
• can live 40-50 years
• can reach a carapace length of up to 14 inches
• they dwell in different types of forest habitats
• they are omnivores; they eat vegetation as well as carrion, invertebrates, etc.


Red Tegu
Tupinambis rufescens

• most tegus are primarily carnivorous, but red tegus are omnivores; they eat insects, fruits and small mammals
• they are found throughout western Argentina and parts of Uruguay
• they can grow up to 4ft. in length
• males have larger heads and jowls
• in general, tegus fill the same ecological niche as monitor lizards


Rococo Toad
Chaunus schneideri

• has poison glands on hind legs and either side of their head
• found in Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina
• they are sometimes called the Schneider's Toad

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