Education Nurtures Conservation

The Reptile Family has been inspiring the discovery and appreciation of the earth's most misunderstood creatures through innovative, educational, entertaining and hands-on experiences in a safe and caring environment since 1992. Our goal is to replace fallacy with fact and fear with respect.

Reptile Show FAQ

Before you book a reptile program here are some questions to ask...

Who comes out to do the presentation?
We are family owned and operated. That means Chrissy, Joe, Matt and Nabeela are the Reptile People who do the presentations.

Do the presenters have backgrounds in Wildlife Education, Child Development, Teaching and Zoo Keeping?
We all have backgrounds, diplomas or certificates in Wildlife Education, Early Childhood Education, Zoo Keeping and/or Communications.

Are they responsible for the care and maintenance of the animals?
Our animals live at our homes in Visions Enclosures and aquariums. When we are not at programs, we are cleaning, feeding, caring for our animals.

Does the company have liability insurance and do they have the
capabilities to additionally insure school districts and cities?

We have a reliable insurance company who underwrites our liability insurance. Cities, School Districts, Parks and Recreation Dept. can be additionally insured.

What do the animals travel in?
Our animals travel in baskets and containers (with newsprint and towel bedding and heat disks when needed). The "safari themed" appearance is the backdrop for the presentations.

The Reptile Family